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Thank you to everyone who came to our wonderful BBQ Breakfast today. We were a very healthy school with lots of people cycling, skating and scootering to school. Thanks to all of our staff who came in at 7am to get set up! Thank you to all of the family members who came along with the children. Thanks to Sainsburys for providing al of those rolls free of charge! Finally, thank you P7 helpers- you were great and can all go in the Blue Book for being such hard-working helpers!


Green Flag 2015

Congratulations to everyone in school for all of the things you do to make us a “green school”. We were assessed again in January and we have now been given Second Green Flag Status by the Eco-Schools assessor. All of our recycling, re-using, composting, reducing waste, planting, picking litter and learning about how to be green has paid off again. Thank you to Mrs Weetman & Mrs Smith for taking this on from Miss Young and leading the Eco-schools work.